this resort moon

this resort moon
stalks our lavishness
calls down the involuntary
only to crash through
oncoming mental grids
velocity with rock precision
roars past nothing
past a thousand petal laughter
children's caricatures of angels
turned fowl
turned fool
turned carnivorous
a bed
an absent
and how did this
sudden change
from curiosity to aggression
tempt all
with emancipation
and joy-bringing
reviewed by another madness
devouring its own
fabulous song
in scorching heat


descent of razor

his herculean effort
diminished to radio active atolls
hopelessness and stupidity, raise
for always do we draw, as assess
in golden harness
awake in gushing search
to replace violent insane hunger
violent insane hunger
to be sure
I am a forest
under cyanide sky
false and unawakened
in a meadow
of damp
estimated value


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