stables and then unregulated motion

"time to resign, my friend," . . . . " . .]

in ho urs the fields break in to lay ers
lace d b y oa k lim bs in th e su n ligh t specific
to th e re gion abo ve new or leans

"'it couldn't have caused such wide systemic failure'"

"she went back down the long avenue of trees, stumbling against piles of
dead leaves"

the organ replaces the hands that shift keys



thrown through the texas nights
onto city streets
where puntas wait for another
lost direction
in mid-summer
when the air is stiff
and signs for greying neighborhoods
are covered with ivy
as if to state
the season is too hot for
even though we are asking for only
one visionary light
to lead us under freeways
through back alleys
to some unrepentant love


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